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EEO and Conde Nast Traveller Party
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Posted by:Oct 11th 2002, 08:05:26 am
ennaThe actual date for the NY expo has not been set yet.
We will post a message as soon as we know.
However for all those interested the London show was a huge sucess.
Posted by:Oct 10th 2002, 11:43:08 am
whitneyWhen will the show in NYC be?? Would love to attend, of course!
Posted by:Sep 24th 2002, 01:24:47 pm
SalenCan u advise when the show is
on im London?
Posted by:Sep 17th 2002, 01:01:26 pm
Unfortunatly there will be no website covering the event.
The pictures displayed and on sale will be by photographers featured in Conde Nast Traveller over the past five years.However,the NY and Harbour Island Exhibits will feature solely pictures taken on Harbour Island.The idea is to hold the main exhibit in NY in the beginning of dec.The remaining unsold pictures will be on display at the Princess Gallery in Harbour I. later on in the month along with paintings from local artists and possibly pictures taken by Harbour Island kids(still working on that) The whole idea is still a bit of a work in progress,but we'll have more info shortly.
Will keep you posted.
Posted by:Sep 14th 2002, 07:51:28 pm
tweedyAn exhibit in NYC, sounds wonderful. There is a very large Bahamian contingency here and if you can let me know what the plans are for NYC, I would be happy to let the word out. Do you have a date or location yet?

Thanks and look forward to hearing back. Can't wait to see the pictures here.

Posted by:Sep 12th 2002, 06:08:41 pm

There will also be an exhibit in New York and on Harbour Island. Enna has been diligently working on these three shows and will no doubt have more info for you. Hooray for Enna and EEO !!!
Posted by:Sep 11th 2002, 12:03:53 pm
KimberlySounds like a really cool event. [When I think of the Saatchi Gallery, I think of Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones.] What photographs will be on exhibit, and can those of us who will not be in London participate in the exhibit at least virtually? Will there be a website that we can check out?

This is exciting for the EEO --
Posted by:Sep 9th 2002, 01:26:14 pm
ennaConde Nast Traveller UK is celebrating it's fifth anniversary on october 1st 2002.A photography exhibition and party will take place at the former Saatchi Gallery.Proceeds from the sales of prints will go to EEO.Anybody wishing to attend the event while in London,please send name and adress to

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