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crime & drugs
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Posted by:Aug 19th 2004, 01:16:02 pm
bahamasharonThank you for your input on this important problem on Harbour Island. I so agree, if visitors or residents enjoy Harbour Island they should invest constructively, in our Fire Truck Fund or our new park, but not by encouraging drug trade.
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 04:30:31 pm
kordoWhen very wealthy homeowners and vacationing individuals with lots of wealth to throw around come to Harbour Island they expect to enjoy a perfect paradise. They want no crime and no drugs. They want to leave there doors unlocked and the windows open, they want to let there kids go to clubs with lots of cash to spend and enjoy a safe night of good fun. Now if there is a certain less wealthy element selling drugs I have to ask who has the money to purchase these drugs? And when the less wealthy get to use these drugs and like it, they want to buy there own, they need to find a way to get more cash to make the purchase. Since there is not much profitable work for these folks crime begins to look like the easy answer. Its not so easy to just crack down on just the source, the finger needs to point at the demand side also. When all these wealthy folks come looking for fun there will always be someone there to fill the need. The answer lies in a multi angle approach, stop the demand, stop the supply and if those wealthy folks want paradise they need to invest in paradise. Investment in education and jobs that provide a good paycheck. Nobody wants to be a maid or delivery boy forever

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