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Tarpum Bay Today: Eleuthera & Hollywood
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Posted by:Aug 28th 2004, 05:32:00 pm
Fig Tree News TeamNews, Articles and Poetry

More great News today for Eleuthera. The hot new movie project, ”Three,” starring Hollywood actor Billy Zane is now ready for release in Theaters.

Down load the Hot New Eleuthera Movie Trailer here:

The movie was mostly shot in Eleuthera about two months ago and employed a number of Eleutherians in the background crew and catering service.

Eleuthera has great potential as a movie location so does the Bahamas in general with its fantastic tropical scenery.

I am currently developing original feature length movie scripts based on the Bahamas, its culture and The Bahamas as the main backdrop of these fantastic film projects.

If anyone is interested in original Bahamian/tropical Romance- Drama screen plays they can get them here at:

I have two original Bahamian screen plays ready for release in the movie industry at the moment and am working on additional scripts.

These two Screen Play projects are titled,” Meeting Mona Lisa and Incident at Light House Beach.”

Synopsis: Meeting Mona Lisa- a feature length movie about an island boy meeting a film executive in Nassau, They fall in love. He takes her away for a fantastic romantic vacation to his native island. They tour the entire island sampling it culture, history, cuisine and other amenities. See this delightful, tropical love story in its entirety.

Synopsis: Incident At Light House Beach- A tourist who’s ancestry dates back to the days of Slavery on the island searches at Light house Beach for hidden treasure. His rival, a Bahamian, has similar interest in the land and searches to possess the land through any means necessary. A race ensues to find the hidden treasure. Who comes out victorious in the end?

Receive Industry treatments of these wonderful Screenplay projects by request at:

More about these later.

More Daily News from Tarpum Bay Today Tomorrow.

Contact us online at