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HI SSB/HAM freqs
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Posted by:Sep 6th 2004, 11:38:47 am
chapel73 de W4AJM/C6AMJ
Alan Murray writes:

Looking ahead to the weekend and the potential impact of Hurricane Ivan, let's see if we can start making plans now to use ham radio as an important, reliable "first link" about conditions on the island in the event Ivan makes landfall in the Bahamas.

Why don't we identify a handful of state-side operators in the southeast to be the anchor on the mainland and then whomever we can count on in the Bahamas, like Timothy Carey, Jr. of Rock Sound who managed to contact his son, Greg (KN4EL), in the states after Frances moved on. My QTH is Atlanta and I have a good station and antenna setup to participate.

Perhaps 20 meters will be the best band to use. I'd like to suggest that we check in on 14.300.00 MHz, the Maritime Mobile Net, and then QSY from there if need be. This net handles emergency and priority traffic as well. They are a great group of operators. I'm sure the net control stations would be glad to help in any way they can. (Please remember, though, that the Bahamas does not permit "third party traffic" from the islands.)

Let me know what you think. Feel free to offer any suggestions.

73 de W4AJM/C6AMJ
Alan Murray
Posted by:Sep 1st 2004, 09:07:37 pm
KimberlySteve Rutledge will be available for health/welfare traffic to/fm the Abacos during and after Hurricane Francis, and there are three permanent stations in the area, Earl Russell, GTC, Chris Prewitt, Elbow Cay and Bob Ball, Little Harbour. I have no idea how many boats are remaining in the Eleuthera or Abaco area with amateur radio/HF capabilities. As of Tuesday, there were no ham setups in North Eleuthera or Harbour Island, but an extensive network of satellite phones.

If you want to listen to reports from the "affected areas," you can monitor 14.325 USB. This is the Hurricane Watch Net from the National Hurricane Center. It is a restricted net. Only net members are allowed on freq, and you will most like hear Earl, Chris and Bob reporting conditions here. Earl is C6AGH, Chris is C6AID and Bob is C6ALD.

The National Hurricane Center has an automatic reporting station at Earl's station on GTC. I think you can access the data via their web page but I have not done it. If the hurricane actually hits GTC, I doubt if his antennae will survive the storm. However, I'm sure he will have them up again as soon as it passes. Earl does have emergency power as does Chris.

Any info that I get from Steve will be posted here on, just like we did during Hurricane Floyd.

Posted by:Sep 1st 2004, 09:01:11 pm
Joe Della BarbaAre there any radio operators on Harbour Island that will be on the air using either marine or ham SSB radios? Are there any freqs or schedules set up?

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