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From wildlife to nightlife, from island history to legends and lore, from fishing and farming to recipes and drinks, from pirates to politics. Dozens of outstanding publications on the Bahamas and Caribbean are excerpted in this remarkable compendium compiled by the Bahamas' leading publisher and distributor of educational and non-fiction books. The contributions are combined with a perpetual weekly planner and multi-year calendar to produce a unique journal and reference tool.

Suggested retail price is $19.95. Wholesale price is $13.95. Customised editions may be ordered in bulk for use as corporate giveaways. The Bahama Almanac is spiral-bound so the pages lay flat. The heavy cover is laminated for lots of wear, and the text is printed on a superb, smooth buff stock with excellent writing qualities.

Written and edited by Larry Smith and Neil Sealey with cover photos by Mike Toogood, the Bahama Almanac was conceived, designed and produced by Media Enterprises Ltd. Visit our web site for details: www.bahamasmedia.com, or e-mail us at info@bahamasmedia.com.