'With God and patience you can achieve anything in life." -- Rose Hudson

The Bluff Community Library,

Home Work & Computer Center

Rose Hudson, local government council

Briland Modem Fund, private sector partners

Monique Fife and Coderro Johnson, managers

The Old Batelco Building - Bluff, Eleuthera (Bahamas)


The library in progress ...




The community computer centre in active use ...


Computer science programs for students and young adults

Word-processing, Excel, Publisher (Microsoft Office)
Reading classes
Music classes are coming soon ...
Homework assistance

"Our mission is to see every child in North Eleuthera have the ability to read, write, and master a computer," notes Rose Hudson, local government liaison at Bluff Community Computer Center.  Programs are offered free of charge to students (adults pay $5 for 3 hours of Internet access), and the centre is open Monday to Saturday, 4-6 p.m.



             Training in session    Rosie Hudson, Monique Fife confer


The innovative tech support team in action ...



Testing ...




"Hey, look ... it works now!"


Coderro Johnson, manager        Monique Fife, manager

BCCC thanks:

North Eleuthera Local Government Council

Rotary Club East Nassau - books, computers

Briland Modem Fund

Wired Island Network

Briland.com - News & Information, North Eleuthera

Bill Everett, ZanyFish - books, computers

Daybreak Eleuthera - hardware, software transportation

Karla Cosgriff, Island School - computers

Ministry of Tourism (Raymond Harrison) - hardware installation

BriPhi (Nicholas Johnson, Letario Higgs) - tech support

Cardo Johnson - tech support

Rahim Johnson - tech support

Tracy Neely - centre coordination and launch (2000)

Frederick "Fine Threads" Neely - human transportation

For more information, or for details on how to set up a community computer centre in your Out Island community