EnergyBahamas is uniquely suited to complement those ongoing efforts to forge a comprehensive energy policy for the Bahamas, given our acknowledged ability to work with key industry and government leaders to move toward a sage and cost-effective alternative energy policy for the country, develop feasibility studies, draft and process RFPs, conduct due diligence and support the Bahamas in reaching an economically-sound decision concerning its energy needs.  We serve as an effective liaison between the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Ministry of Environment, Bahamas Water & Sewerage, regional and internationally-accredited alternative energy and clean technology providers and the various government, educational and media services needed, as a result of the long-term political, business and social network of EnergyBahamas already active in the country.

New Providence - Grand Bahama - Abaco

The Out Islands of the Bahamas

We actively involve local and central government councils and utility concerns (i.e., Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Bahamas Water & Sewerage) to develop active public/private sector support and funding for the development of such programs in the region, (Out Island ports of entry airports, Inagua, Out Island roadways et al.), so that the government-managed public utilities are not bearing the sole costs for developing alternative energy solutions.  We are actively developing a number of internationally-accredited training programs (solar water, geothermal, tidal energy, wind turbine first off) for the College of the Bahamas that can be offered to students of urban design, and returning electricians and plumbers wanting to take advantage of the renewed interest in alternative energy throughout the country.

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