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Digital media, alternative energy and clean technology brokerage, government relations and business development consultancy active in energy and environmental construction analysis, public-private sector support, green certification protocol and consultancy


Wired Island Network

Community technology centres throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean


Alternative energy and clean technology consultancy and public-private sector collaborative for the Bahamas and Caribbean

Palm Tree Communications

Telecommunications, cable, satellite communications consultancy for the Bahamas and Caribbean

Film, Television, New Media & Music Liaison

Bahamas, Hawaii and Caribbean


The Bahamas Film Commission

Production Resources * Financing * Talent * Locations

Los Angeles CA and Bahamas

The Briland Modem

Online News & Information for Harbour Island and North Eleuthera, Bahamas


The Briland Modem Fund

An Out Island Community Development Foundation

E-Commerce In The Bahamas & Caribbean

The Internet as a tool of economic development and social change

Eleuthera Economic Development Board

Business resources, foreign investment assistance and marketing services


Dunmore Nelson Group

Out Island Partnerships, Internet Services


"Sure, the island is busier, and I'm the first one to fuss about the 'tourists and boat people' buying up the bread and inflating the cost of living.  But then I look around and see that the people of Briland, as a whole, are far better off than they were 20 years ago, the beach and town looks cleaner than ever, there is a wonderful new health clinic, etc. etc. etc.   And as for the Briland Modem web site, you had to live through the hellish uncertainty following (Hurricane) Andrew to appreciate what 'being connected' meant after Floyd."

                                                                                         -- Posted to Briland.com by FARCLIFF on July 18, 2000




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E-mail: info@networkbahamas.com

Post Office Box 23 – Harbour Island, Bahamas
Tel: 242-333-2882/242-333-2204


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