My craft students and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people for their contribution to our programme.



Letario Higgs                                       Ian & Karin Goodfellow                               Marlen Kemmet

Teri Murphy                                        Raina                                                            Don Soffer

Maddie Duggan                                   Heather Cameron                                         Bonnie Hudson

Frank & Liz Braman                            Linda Lewis                                                 John & Charlotte Pratt

David & Lorraine Frohlich                   Iris Lewis                                                     Glenroy Aranha

Enna Halie                                          Richard Malcolm                                          Jerry

Kimberly King-Burns                          Gregg Daughton                                            Malcolm & Charlotte Thorman

Gail & Erin Mullin                               Coral Sands                                                  Harbour Lounge

The Landing Hotel                              Dunmore Beach Club                                    Runaway Hill Club                           


Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh
(N.B. A free project to the first person who translates my beautiful garble at the end? 
You have to come by school to claim it.)



Austin Mullin, Teacher
Woodwork/Craft Harbour Island All Age School





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