Hi, I'm Austin Mullin, and I have the pleasure of being the Woodwork/Craft teacher at the Harbour Island All Age School here on Briland for the last 6 years. I'm from Ireland and I make up 50% of the resident Irish population here on the Island. My  2 year old daughter Erin makes up the other 50%. My Briland wife Gail thinks otherwise, the only small technicality she has on me is that Erin was born in Nassau. But anyone who has met Erin knows that by the way she talks and the volume of information she imparts that she is definitely blessed with the Gift of the Gab and is therefore 51% Irish and 49% Bahamian. I rest my case. When I'm not teaching the children at school you can catch up with me playing tennis (badly) at Coral Sands hotel, shooting pool in Willies Tavern or just driving around Briland with my family on our music making golf cart. Well enough about us, let's get back to the Craft program and the children at the school.

Since coming here I've gotten the children I teach to make various craft items that we sell through various generous gift shops here on the Island without commissions. The monies raised are used to buy new and maintain existing equipment. We are also assisted by various kind hearts who donate some equipment and craft materials or/and bring equipment with them when come to Briland.
A lot of our work is orientated around wood burning and scroll saw work. The children really enjoy these activities and two classes successfully completed the Bahamas Junior Certificate in Craft last year. The department also tries to add to the school environment by building picnic benches from the distressed wooden remains of hurricane shattered docks. We also have constructed various class gardens around our campus. Anyway I must go now and check my E-mail for the verification of the arrival of our next batch of sandpaper and woodscrews. Thanks for taking time out to browse through our site and please feel free to E-mail any constructive ideas and suggestions to me directly at  austinmullin555@hotmail.com
Yours appreciatively,
Austin and family.  


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